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Journolink resource

Can you help me to help you to help our local young businesses!
At PNE we have partnered with Journolink, which is a fairly new business that helps get small business stories and spokespeople linked to local journalists, so that we can showcase more of the great small businesses in the North East.
This means that going forward all the businesses that we are supporting through PNE - NEW for 2015,  will be on their platform, and they will help them get their news out.
What I need from you is for you to sign up on their site.  Before you ask…it’s free!
It takes less than a minute.  Go on and register as a business (or journalist if your looking for stories). 
Then they:
·         Will send you our local small business stories and news
·         Will let you search their search engine by key words for anything you are looking for (they keep all press releases and details of the businesses in the engine)
·         Will let you ask for specific content or spokespeople for anything you might be covering
We think they are great and are really helping our businesses. So please do sign up and help profile our local small businesses.
BUT in true PNE tradition we thought we would try and get a baragin for oyu, so, for all PNE clients if you pop in the Promo Code: PNE3months you will get 3 months FREE instead of the usual 1.
If you want more information or assistance get in touch 


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