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Lewis of Monumental


“I went from working in a call centre to running my own successful business in less than 6 months.”


Lewis Bruford set up Monumental Communications Ltd January 2016 with a goal of creating a fully PR and digital communications company without sky high prices that usually go with it.
His dream did not remain a dream for long, where in a matter of weeks Lewis had secured contracts with some well big players in the North East such as Policy North and Pattinsons Auctions.
Lewis had worked for years in companies where he was dipping in an out of doing aspects of PR, alongside jobbing in Call Centres. Lewis says “I saw for myself that quite often clients were being charged inflated prices for work that I knew could be done better, and cheaper, especially around social media. One day just thought, why don’t I do this myself?”
It is possibly one of the most common questions an individual with an enterprising mind will pose, and yet Lewis took the step forward and actually did it, a real life North East story of, “why not?”
Push forward to June 2016, only 6 months from starting up a business Lewis has grown the business so much that he not only recently took on an office, but also has just taken on his first member of staff. Lewis and his business will be moving into a new Quayside office in a couple of months’ time.
Lewis and his business are still receiving ongoing support from PNE Enterprise, a local enterprise agency that helped Lewis in the early days start up his business.  Lewis says “PNE helped me take the leap to actually setting up the business. They gave me the support to take it from an idea to a business. They give me great connections and networking and it is really useful to have on their ongoing support if I need it.”
The plans for the future of Lewis and Monumental are to keep growing and make Monumental Communications the leading company in the UK for creative social media management and PR.
When asked if you could give your past self some advice what would it be, Lewis said “My advice is simple, find what you’re good at, and stick with it. I didn’t get high grades at school, but that didn’t stop me. If you put in 100%, you will get 100% back”.
Also in true PNE Enterprise style we couldn’t finish off this interview without asking ‘What socks are you wearing today?” and the response… ”lucky ones!”
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