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Productivity boosting trends that will make an impact on your business today!

Productivity boosting trends that will make an impact on your business today!
Productivity; it’s what everyone is talking about, but what does it mean for you and your business? From an inbox full of newsletters telling you about the latest time management fad,  to George Osbourne naming it a UK crisis, everyone seems to have an opinion, but what changes can you make to your business model to make a real impact?
We’ve compiled a list of productivity boosting ideas which start-ups and SME’s can easily introduce, calling on experts from across PNE Group to give us their best tips for small businesses.
Melissa Middleton, Head of PNE Enterprise says
Set aside a time every month to reflect and grow the strengths of your products and services, whether it’s the relationships built with customers or the passion behind a craft.
Every business is founded on an idea, a solution or a space in the market, something that the founders believed people would want. One of the most productive uses of time is time spent reflecting on the strengths of the business and what qualities people see in the service you offer. Over time this may change as consumer tastes develop, or it may be your success lay behind something you didn’t initially realise would spur it on. Just as it gives you an edge on the competition to stay open minded to developments in your industry, it gives you an edge to reflect on why your part of that industry in the first place.
Innovation is for everyone: Take time to question your business model, even if it works.
Dawn Cranswick, CEO of PNE Group, says innovation tops her list of overlooked approaches to improving productivity. Working with hundreds of small business across the world to build sustainable business models, she believes no matter what your business you should be asking yourself these questions:
·         Is there a better way to source any products or parts, even labour?
·         Have you chosen the best technology, machinery or processes you can to produce and distribute your product or service effectively and efficiently?
·         Are you making the most of how your customers find out about you, communicate with you and pay you?
Make your workspace work for you: Invest in your office space to improve employee productivity, by making it more than just a deskspace.
A study of the headquarters move by one of the world’s largest companies revealed an astonishing 40% decrease in sick days and an increase in work that ‘dwarfed’ all energy bills. We asked Michelle Hetherington, Manager of North East Workspace, how small businesses could create a workplace that ‘worked for them’ and boosted productivity. She told us, “Creating more than one type of space to work is the simplest way to encourage greater productivity. People can work in a place that suits their task, their mood and spaces that feel communal promote communication and collaboration.” Their top tips for a quick fix productivity boost include putting up artwork, making the most of natural light, and bringing the energy of the outside into the office with plants.
Let your employees speak up
Speak to your staff, whether it means getting your tea from the same kitchen or routine away days. It seems counter-intuitive, but the opportunity to speak  with managers outside of formal meetings can really drive productivity amongst employees. According to our friends in PNE Development disengaged mangers are three times as likely to have disengaged employees, and there has been tons of research showing employees who feel heard work harder. An extra benefit is learning more about the strengths and interests of the team. That communal area is sounding like a better idea by the minute…


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