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7 Ways You Can Prepare Your Business for the Busiest Season of the Year – Christmas!

As we reach the end of November, there’s only one thing on our minds: Christmas is coming - and quickly.

Each year, the festive period gets bigger and brighter, with businesses of every size competing for customers and Christmas sales. As a business owner, an important question to ask during the season is: how can I make the most of the opportunity? In this blog post, we’ve shared 7 ways you can ensure your business is prepared for the busiest season of the year.


1. Alert customers of Christmas plans

If your planning on making any changes during the Christmas period, such as temporarily closing or changing working hours, make sure your customers are aware in advance to avoid disappointment. Use social media, leaflets, posters or email to inform your customers of these changes.


2. Plan promotions

For a small business owner, Christmas is a perfect opportunity to revaluate your current marketing strategy and to attract new customers to your business. Think about what kind of discounts and deals you can offer your customers, how you will reach out to them, how you will reward your existing customers, and what your marketing budget is. If your business is based online, consider using online communication tools such as emails and social media to advertise your promotions.


3. Analyse your website

With the ease and convenience of online shopping, if your business has a website, make sure it showcases your business in the best possible light. Have a good look at your website: are there any broken links? Any out-of-date promotions or products? Is your contact details correct? Make sure your website portrays the quality of your services and/or products before you start advertisement.


4. Take care of staff

The Christmas period for any business is especially busy, with most staff working additional shifts in the run-up to the festive period. If you’re business is considerably busier during the lead up to Christmas, then remember to reward your staff for their hard work and try to be flexible in their requests. If necessary, consider hiring additional staff to ease the heavy workload (though remember that it is a legal obligation to take out employers’ liability insurance, even for temporary staff).


5. Check your insurance

Before you start trading for Christmas, you’ll have to review your existing business insurance. If you’re selling more, taking on new clients, or employing more staff, it may mean that your insurance needs to be updated to reflect your changing circumstances.


6. Prepare for the after-Christmas rush

Planning for Christmas doesn’t end on December 25th. In fact, with Boxing Day and New Year’s sales, the weeks following Christmas can be even busier than the one’s prior! It’s therefore crucial to create a strategy for handling the after-Christmas rush. Think about potential customer returns during this period as well as additional orders you may receive, and whether external services may impact the quality of your business services.


7. Relax

Finally, while it can be easy to get too preoccupied with the ins-and-out of running a business, don’t forget to step back and enjoy the holiday too. Take time to enjoy the season, to spend time with your family and friends, and to relax, ready for the new year ahead.


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