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Afrujahan Begum: My Days My Deeds

A passion to grow confidence and understanding within her Muslim community was the driving force behind Afrujahan’s diary business

The purpose is to educate, motivate and increase the understanding of the faith so that it will have a positive impact on the individual, their family and the wider community,” says Afrujahan Begum, founder of My Day My Deeds, “In the current political climate in some parts of the world this is very much needed as identities are being questioned and a Muslim needs to be able to feel confident in responding to those challenges.”

Inspired by her own religious studies and teaching sessions she delivered to women at the mosque, Afrujahan designed a personal yearly diary for practicing Muslims. The diaries integrate prayer times, festival and fasting days alongside inspiring verse from the Quran intended to motivate people to reflect on their faith and purpose. Afrujahan comments, “I believe in creating this diary I’m doing something good which will benefit everyone to some degree,” adding “what motivates me is the verse from the Quran ‘Is the reward for goodness anything other than goodness?’.”

On her journey Afrujahan felt the challenges of starting a new business whilst juggling other life pressures, commenting at times she, “Needed to be encouraged and reminded that this is a good deed and worthwhile project.” She overcame these hurdles through motivation and support from family and friends, reminding herself, “That the people, especially the children who have bought them, are going to learn something which will benefit them and have a positive impact on their self-esteem and identity.”

Looking to the future, Afrujahan would like to see her product sold in mainstream shops, universities and mosques – accessible to all. She currently working on an academic diary which will feature tips from the Quran and Hadiths on benefits of seeking knowledge alongside advice for exam preparation, in the long-term she sees her business evolving into a brand of stationary.

In the present, she is enjoying the value her business is creating for the wider community, commenting, “This is something I love doing so this is a reward in itself.”

Afrujahan turned to PNE Enterprise for support creating a business plan. PNE encouraged her to reflect on her reasons for starting the business as motivation. She comments on her one-to-one support from her business advisor Lee, “We met up quite a few times and each time I left the meetings feeling confident, encouraged and supported and able to imagine being successful.

“The support from Lee meant that my idea to create a diary and sell it did become a reality and through the business planning a clear vision of how to achieve it was laid out.”

She believes if your starting up your own business you should stay strong in face of challenges, “Don't give up! Keep around people who motive, encourage and inspire you.”

You can find Afrujahan's business on Facebook.


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