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Biagio Schiano Di Zenise: WoodiY


A talented craftsman has launched his own home furnishing store after receiving business support from PNE Enterprise.

Biagio Schiano Di Zenise is the founder of WoodIY, a home furnishing store which sells key home staples such as clocks, coffee tables, lamps and shelving – all made from recycled materials.

For Biagio, creating furniture from unused or discarded materials is fundamental to his businesses’ overall mission. He comments, “My inspiration for my furniture comes from the everyday; I like to observe what I have around me and transform them into something new.

“The UK wastes an astronomical amount of wood every year. Through WoodiY, I’m identifying new ways of using discarded wood, to create unique furniture.”

Biagio’s passion for furniture creation and restoration was ignited during his first year at Naples University. While studying for a Tourism Science Management degree, Biagio worked alongside his uncle as a certified joiner to produce bespoke home furniture.

After moving to England with his wife and young children, Biagio decided to launch his own business, opening his first workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne. The workshop now serves as a space for Biagio to build his furniture, while his online store on eBay, provides a platform for him to showcase his products.

“It was really important to not only me, but my family, that I was able to work flexible hours. Launching my own business enabled me to do this. Ultimately, I launched WoodiY to help give us a better future.”

To turn his idea into a reality, Biagio received support through one-to-one mentoring with his business advisor Lee Longstaff. Lee supported Biagio with his application for the New Enterprise Allowance, a government scheme designed to support those on Jobseeker’s Allowance to launch their own business.

“The support I received from PNE Enterprise was crucial to launching my business. I wouldn’t have been in the position to launch my business without the support and guidance of the PNE Enterprise team, and Lee, my business advisor, in particular,” added Biagio.

“Lee supported me with the creation of my business plan and through one-to-one appointments, gave me the advice and guidance I needed to successfully launch my new business in the UK.”

Commenting on Biagio’s business, Lee Longstaff said, “Biagio is a skilled craftsman. He has been a pleasure to work with and I hope he and his business, WooDiY, have a successful future.”

For more information on PNE Enterprise’s one-to-one support and business workshops, please contact a member of the team today by emailing or calling 0191 230 6410.



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