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Craig Wallace

Wallacey’s Home & Hardware

Tools, Hardware and Home disposables retailer

Facebook: @wallaceys  /  Twitter: @WallaceysHandH


Motivated to be his own boss and build a future for his family, Craig Wallace started Wallacey’s Home & Hardware.

In 2016, with an ambition to be his own boss and build a family business that could one-day provide opportunities for his children, Craig Wallace started Wallacey’s Home and Hardware, a hardware shop providing the local area with DIY, gardening and household products.

The store, based in the Walker area of Newcastle, joins to a bustling crossroads of businesses, catering for professional tradesmen and residents. Founded on family business values, Wallacey’s goes the extra mile for its customers under the motto, “If we haven't got it we'll get it and if we can't get it, it doesn't exist.”

Describing the positive impact opening Wallacey’s has had, Craig said, “The benefits are sitting on a Sunday night knowing that although you’re getting up and going to work the next day you’re doing it for yourself and your family and you are the one benefitting from the hard work.” 

He also describes the freedom to make your own decisions as a highlight of being an entrepreneur, along with financial independence and meeting new people.  

In the future, Craig would like to pursue expanding his business to incorporate new branches in different areas, viewing his responsibilities as a business owner with a positive, balanced attitude, explaining, “I approach it with enthusiasm and don’t let myself become stressed.”

Along the way to start-up success, Craig overcame funding challenges, noting “It would have been even better if there were funding and grants available but unfortunately the days of that seem to be long gone due to the current economic climate.” He also had to dedicate his efforts into sourcing suppliers that could fulfil his business requirements for competitive pricing.

Craig engaged with PNE Enterprise in the early stages of realising his business ambitions, gaining support to write a robust business plan and offering access to funding, which although unsuccessful, continued Craig on his path to starting-up. 

“It gave me the drive to actually get up and do something about it and put my ideas into action. It’s nice to know the support is there if you need it.”

His advice to those wishing to start-up is self-belief “Don’t rely on anyone, if you want something done do it yourself if possible, and be persistent and confident. Having doubt in yourself will get you nowhere so belief is key,” he comments, adding his nugget of wisdom for making your venture a success, “Research is key, you can’t do too much of it.”


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