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Dogs Day Walking

Passionate about dogs’ health and their wellbeing, animal-lover Abi Swan launched her successful dog walking business, giving peace of mind and an invaluable service to pet owners
  Growing up with Border collie cross Glen as her constant companion, Abi Swan’s passion for animals fuelled a career working outdoors with them before starting her own dog walking and pet          sitting business in 2014.
  With over 11 years’ experience of working with animals of all shapes and sizes including dogs, cats, horses, various birds and reptiles, Abi sought funding from PNE Enterprise to buy a van to launch her
  business Dogs’ Day Walking and has never looked back!

Passionate about dogs’ health and wellbeing, Abi is fully insured, trained in canine first aid and walks a maximum group size of four dogs for plenty of one-on-one attention and safety. Areas she covers range from Jesmond, Sandyford and Heaton to Gosforth, Longbenton and Killingworth. Abi also offers vet visits and pet sitting (during the day and overnight) as part of a plethora of services at Dogs’ Day Walking. Giving invaluable peace of mind to animal owners who worry about leaving their dogs or need extra support, Dogs’ Day Walking has grown to become an integral part of the local walking community. One heart-warming example is Shea, a rescue dog Abi began walking shortly after starting her business last year. During this time Shea had to have her hind leg removed because of an old injury and Abi proved a constant source of advice and inspiration, putting together an aftercare programme for Shea after her amputation alongside regularly visits and walk to help Shea learn to walk on just three legs. Shea and Abi have formed a strong bond and her owner is always kept up to date with Shea’s day with texts and photos from their walks.
“I love being outdoors whatever the weather, so dog walking suits me perfectly” explains Abi, “I’ll be out with dogs giving them the exercise and attention they deserve, and making sure they have the best possible time.” Future ambitions for Abi’s thriving business include helping owners further understand of the needs of their pets with regular exercise sessions that allow the dog to explore new environments and socialise with other dogs under professional supervision, as well as behavioural training. From potty training puppies to easing rescue dogs into a routine and helping them become accustomed to their new surroundings, Abi’s day starts around 8am and involve 30 or 60 minute walks to nearby parks and favourite spots, including Jesmond Dene and Longsands beach, as well as popping in to check on dogs, cats and other small animals when required. Prices start from just £7 for a 30 minute group walk and Abi’s flexibility means she works outside the typical 9-5 working day and often walks dogs until 8pm before their owners get home.
Abi’s own dogs Yoshi, a mixed breed, and boisterous Border collie puppy Roh clearly benefit from their mum being a dog walker and Abi gets to enjoy the best of both worlds too spending precious time with her own dogs whilst at work. Outdoor cat Rufus completes the trio and all three animals give Abi the opportunity to observe their behaviour and apply her experience to the business and her furry clients. For Abi, whose natural confidence and ability with animals has seen her welcome new clients through a multitude of word of mouth recommendations, future plans for the business include developing her own dog retreat one day. For now, she can often be found with her camera in hand, umpteen poo bags in her pocket and a pack of happy pups following her closely behind.

- For more information on Dogs’ Day Walking and prices please visit
- Dogs’ Day Walking is owned and operated exclusively by Abi Swan
- 30/60 minute dog sessions can include group sessions with other dogs or one-to-one sessions
- Abi is fully insured for pets, property and even house keys. All keys are kept in a locked safe when not in use and do not have identifiers that would link them to clients’ properties.
- Abi is trained and certified in pet first aid and is also DBS checked (formally known as CRB checks).
- Dogs’ Day Walking fully adheres to all data protection and do not pass details on to any third party.


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